Friday, July 26, 2013

4 Myths About Annual Travel Insurance Exposed

Seasoned wanderers can easily scoff at paying for coverage against potential disasters. After all, does not their very experience on the road cover them? But this is merely the first of many myths that frequent travellers use to excuse themselves from such coverage. As any regular trip-taker who has been caught out knows, these myths are worth exposing. “Seasoned travellers can take care of themselves” A person whose lifestyle involves several business trips a month, forever touring from place to place, can feel very at home in strange new places. Hence they can tell themselves they have no need for annual travel insurance because they are more than capable of taking care of themselves. The harsh truth is that mishaps don't care whether you are on you virgin departure from home or your umpteenth foray to exotic lands. When disaster strikes, you are still a stranger, a foreigner, and expatriate, and lack the protection, rights and support of locals. “It's too complicated and I have too many trips to organise” There is preparation that needs to be done before each journey, and when this preparation is multiplied over numerous trips within a year, it can seem onerous to add organising annual travel insurance to the to-do list. This myth can be undone by simply realising how easy it is nowadays to be assessed and receive cover. In many cases, it is a matter of a few simple clicks on your keyboard, and you can be covered not just for each trip, but for all of them across different locations in one year. “It's cheaper to avoid premiums and pay local medical costs” Medical costs vary the world over. So do medical standards of practice. It is a common myth to think that annual travel insurance is far more costly than simply going to a local doctor when something goes awry. Yet the very variance in quality and costs across a wide range of locations means that, in the end, if you want to be assured of the best treatment - especially in the face of potentially recurrent or serious health risks - you will save money if you're covered. “It's a precaution that doesn't add to my trips” Many people chose a lifestyle that allows them to take trips frequently because they enjoy being on the move and seeing new places and people. The thought of annual travel insurance can be a dampener on this mood of excitement. In actual fact, the security factor aside, many quality packages don't simply protect you against the basic risks, they also augment your experience in a positive way. Often, you can have free cover for your golf equipment, cruises, or car rental excess, and also get some bonus perks to enjoy.

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