Friday, July 26, 2013

4 Top Reasons You Need Single Trip Travel Insurance

When grey shrouds the light in your office, you're perpetually reaching for the tissues, and the short days are dearth of sunshine, perhaps its time for a short break! It's not hard to be tempted by thoughts of sandy beaches and the warm sun melting like an egg-yolk over the calm horizon of some faraway paradise… You just want to book your ticket on the spot and escape for a relaxing weekend; why bother paying for travel insurance for such a short holiday? But that small act could well make the difference in avoiding that miserable feeling of returning back to your cold workaday life feeling stressed from a troublesome journey – and a much lighter pocket. It only takes a moment It doesn't matter how familiar you are with the little piece of heaven you are escaping to. Single trip travel insurance is essential precisely because it only takes a moment in any place for your dream holiday to become a nightmare. Simply take a glance at any government's travel warning website and you'll see incidents of crime and risks of disease that prevail at your destination. Tourists are targets in unfamiliar places More so than locals, tourists are targets for not only criminals but also for viruses and bacteria. That's why single trip travel insurance is not to be scoffed at. While you may feel comfortable dealing with illness and crime in your local neighbourhood, you'll feel a whole lot more vulnerable far from home – and, as a tourist you'll stand out like a sore thumb. For example, British media has reported a significant rise in motorway robberies of foreigners in the south of Spain. And, on the other side of the coin, even if you are vaccinated, coming to a strange country leaves you exposed to viruses and bacteria that will have a stronger than usual effect on you. The consequences can be costly In some ways, even though it can be the last thing on your mind when contemplating visions of relaxing on a white sandy beach, single trip travel insurance can be the most important factor in ensuring your short break away is thoroughly relaxing. The results of being uninsured can mean you have to focus on dealing with problems rather than relaxing. No one wants to have to scrounge for cash when their wallet has been stolen or wonder how they will replace their missing laptop far from home. You can have peace of mind at a good price Is there anything more integral to an energising break than peace of mind? Simply not reading the travel warnings issued by the travel office and embassies does not mean the risks disappear. While many places are more than safe for tourists, and there is no need to journey in fear, having single trip travel insurance gives you an even greater peace of mind. You can replenish your funds should they be stolen, have help recovering lost documents, and easily pay for emergency medical costs. Doesn't that sound worth it?

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